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Enter the Gnar is the Flow Research Collective’s flagship course in peak performance aging. We took all the major principles in Gnar Country plus a decade of research and created a science-based, step-by-step program. It contains over twenty-five hours of original video content, real-time group coaching, and a battle-tested array of protocols and exercises designed to help anyone apply the tools of peak performance to the hard challenge of aging.


“I am approaching 50, and I have made the most out of the first half of my life. I am eager to make the most of the next half of my life, but it requires a bit more clarity and focus. I want it to be as adventurous and purposeful as possible. Enter the Gnar provided clarity and helped me to envision a creative quest for myself to achieve the most important goals in my life. I have already made substantial changes, and I feel like I can spend the rest of my life doing what I want and having fun while doing it. That is what life is about.”


(49 years old)

Virtual Reality Researcher & Designer

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“After taking Enter the Gnar, I have realistic optimism. It turns out aging is not a fixed, inevitable decline of function. It can be a dynamic and exciting adventure in pitting our will and grit and using our wisdom to preclude or delay the regularly accepted path that aging will take us down. Shit will happen, but our probability of recovering and flourishing can be stacked with the right knowledge, application, and consistent effort that will inch us along the path to sustained health. I have more autonomy than I realized. Knowledge is freedom.”


(67 years old)

Business Owner & Entrepreneur


Enter the Gnar has dramatically changed my perspective on aging. My original perspective was to plan physical and mental decline as I reach retirement age. Now, my plans are redirected to maximizing my healthspan, continuing my growth, and mapping out my second act.”


(54 years old)

Security Engineer

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